2016-5-20 · ifconfig | grep "inet addr:" | grep [^127]这样写怎么匹配不到呢 [root@test ~]# ifconfig | grep "inet addr:" | grep [^127] inet addr: Bcast:172.21

Sep 22, 2019 · Thank you again. Here is an article you might find it interesting. I have nothing to lose ample wisdom to gain. Teach me too from what you know too ready to learn and evolve with time. This should be the best answer, however ifconfig -lu will not work on debian. But OP is using MacOS anyway, so this solution would work on systems with BSD's ifconfig. I posted another answer below which does the same without using ifconfig -lu – Rakib Fiha Nov 28 '19 at 10:11 ifconfig-parser - 0.0.5 - a Python package on PyPI - Libraries.io Causes ifconfig to print information on all interfaces. The protocol family may be specified as well. This is the default, if no parameters are given to ifconfig.-C Print the names of all network pseudo-devices that can be created dynamically at runtime using ifconfig create. interface

# ifconfig eth0 eth0 Link encap 10Mbps Ethernet HWaddr 00:00:C0:90:B3:42 inet addr Bcast Mask UP BROADCAST RUNNING MTU 1500 Metric 0 RX packets 3136 errors 217 dropped 7 overrun 26 TX packets 1752 errors 25 dropped 0 overrun 0

2015-6-4 · dropped与overruns的区别 在使用ifconfig命令查看网卡信息时,对于收发包的统计里有dropped与overruns两个字段,看上去都是丢包,但它们有什么区别呢? sed综合练习 - 知乎 2018-11-19 · 综合练习copy一份/etc/passwd文件练习[root@centos7-1 ~]# cp /etc/passwd ./ [root@centos7-1 ~]# sed -n 's/^root/#&/p' passwd // 注释掉以root开头的行 ifconfig | grep "inet addr:" | grep_慕课问答

You can with the ip command, and given that ifconfig is in the process of being deprecated by most distributions it's now the preferred tool. An example: $ ip route show dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src default via dev eth0

FYI: On the BSD's (including Mac OS/X), "ifconfig" is a far more sophisticated tool than it is on Linux. On Linux, those functions are now implemented in "ip" and "ethtool" (and I think there's a WiFi tool too.) "ifconfig" remains in most Linux d 【ifconfig】Linuxでネットワーク環境を確認・設定 …