Protokoły VPN: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, SSTP, OpenVPN – porównanie Aktualizacja: 10 stycznia 2020 23 marca 2017 przez Radek Król Przeglądając testy, recenzje oraz oferty usług VPN trafiamy często na listę protokołów, z jakich będziemy mogli korzystać.

PPTP vs L2TP – Which is the Best VPN Protocol? 2019-12-11 Protocole VPN : OpenVPN vs PPTP vs … 2020-7-23 · 1 Protocole VPN : OpenVPN vs PPTP vs L2TP/IPsec vs SSTP. Vous voulez utiliser un VPN?Si vous cherchez un service VPN ou à installer votre propre serveur VPN, vous devrez avoir entendu parlé des protocoles VPN.Certains services VPN vous proposeront même de choisir entre différents protocoles. OpenVPN vs IKEv2 vs PPTP vs L2TP/IPSec vs SSTP – la guía OpenVPN vs IKEv2 vs PPTP vs L2TP/IPSec vs SSTP – la guía definitiva para encriptación de VPN 13 julio, 2020 di mavis Leave a Comment Una red privada virtual (VPN, Virtual Private Network), encripta toda la data mientras viaja entre tu ordenador y un servidor VPN.

L2TP/IPsec is an excellent choice if OpenVPN is not available on your device, but you want more security than PPTP. OpenVPN is an open source VPN software developed by 'OpenVPN technologies' . OpenVPN is the recommended protocol for desktops, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Comparação de Protocolo VPN - PPTP vs. L2TP … PPTP. PPTP é um protocolo rápido e de fácil uso com um processo de configuração simples. É uma boa escolha se OpenVPN ™ não for suportado pelo seu dispositivo.. L2TP/IPsec. L2TP/IPsec é um protocolo incorporado na maioria dos dispositivos de desktop, telefone e tablet. É uma boa escolha se OpenVPN ™ não é suportado pelo seu dispositivo e segurança é a prioridade.

Even if it is a bit harder to setup than traditional PPTP or L2TP/IPsec, we recommend using OpenVPN if reliability and security are your main concerns. For best speeds, it's likely that L2TP/IPSec would be faster if you have a very fast broadband connection (over 100 Mbps) - but it depends on many factors.

L2TP & PPTP Outdated and not secure tunneling protocols L2TP, sometimes available as a slightly improved L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP are both old-school tunneling protocols. They are obsolete and do not offer adequate security, which is why we highly recommend to avoid both of them. IPSec IPSec, or Internet Protocol Security, is a set of protocols used to secure internet protocol (IP) data transmissions and communications, or more simply, internet traffic. To establish a secure connection, IPSec works by authenticating and encrypting each packet of data during the time you are connected. Benefits: Stronger security than PPTP PPTP is now often replaced by L2TP which provides security using IPSec, and PPTP has also been made obsolete by L2TP and IPSec. Lastly another limitation PPTP has compared to L2TP is that it can not route over other networks other than IP. Although PPTP is easier to use and configure than IPSec, IPSec outweighs PPTP in other areas such as being