When ACM Private CA creates a certificate, it applies a user-definable template that specifies the certificate type and path length. If no template ARN is supplied to the API or CLI statement creating the certificate, the end-entity template is applied by default.

When configuring the Matching Criteria for our SMB appliance, check the DN box and paste the Subject of our SMB appliances Default Certificate if you took Option A. In case of Option B first copy the DN of the created Certificate from within ICA Management Tool. then paste it into the DN field of the VPN certificate as issued by our internal_ca. Jun 13, 2013 · * ssl_c_s_dn: returns the full Distinguished Name of the certificate presented by the client * ssl_c_s_dn(cn): same as above, but extracts only the Common Name * ssl_c_i_dn: full distinguished name of the issuer of the certificate presented by the client * ssl_c_notbefore: start date presented by the client as a formatted string YYMMDDhhmmss A DN, or distinguished name, used to verify the identity of the user. A public key to tie to that user; Information about the version of X.509 used by the certificate; A serial number; An issuer DN linking to the original purchaser of the certificate; A digital signature; Details about the certificate’s algorithm; Optional extensions for The BIG-IP API Reference documentation contains community-contributed content. F5 does not monitor or control community code contributions. We make no guarantees or warranties regarding the available code, and it may contain errors, defects, bugs, inaccuracies, or security vulnerabilities.

A successful certificate request can only contain the characters A through Z and 0 through 9 in the fields of the request. You can use a period (.) in the common name of the key request to specify a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

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Jun 25, 2020 · The Distinguished Name is a set of values entered during enrollment and the creation of a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The following values compose the Distinguished Name information: SSL Certificates: Country (2 character country code such as US) Locality/City; State (must be spelled out completely such as New York or California)

CN: CA-Certificate-DN: Ldap-Display-Name: cACertificateDN: Size-Update Privilege-Update Frequency-Attribute-Id: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.697: System-Id-Guid: 963d2740-48be The ability to directly specify the content of a certificate SAN depends on the Certificate Authority and the specific product. Most certificate authorities have historically marketed multi-domain SSL certificates as a separate product. They’re generally charged at a higher rate than a standard single-name certificate. For example, a simple Certificate Attributes filter might only authorize clients whose certificates have a Distinguished Name (DName) containing the following attribute: O=oracle. In other words, only "oracle" users are authorized to access the Web Service. An X.509 certificate consists of a number of fields.